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The published version of Asian-Pacific Economic Literature (APEL) is available to view free online from the Wiley-Blackwell Online Library to both institutions and individuals from the following AusAID partnership countries:

AusAID partnership countries

  • Bangladesh : Bhutan : India : Maldives : Nepal : Pakistan : Sri Lanka
  • Cook Islands : Fiji : Kiribati : Micronesia : Nauru : Niue and Tokelau : Samoa : Solomon Islands : Tonga : Tuvalu : Vanuatu
  • Burma : Cambodia : China : East Timor : Laos : Mongolia : North Korea : Philippines : Vietnam
  • Guatemala : Belize : El Salvador : Honduras : Nicaragua : Costa Rica : Panama : Dominican Republic : Suriname : Guyana : Ecuador : Peru : Bolivia : Paraguay
  • Afghanistan : Iraq : Palestinian Territories : South Africa : Zimbabwe: Lesotho : Botswana : Angola : Gabon : Central African Republic : Congo : Democratic Republic of Congo : Nigeria : Niger : Cameroon : Chad : Sudan : Ethiopia : Somalia : Mozambique: Zambia : Malawi : Tanzania : Kenya : Uganda

See the AusAID website for more information about partnership countries.

How AusAID partner country subscriptions work

The Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University publishes APEL and administers the APEL subscription list for members of AusAID partnership countries.

If you are an individual or institution from the list of members log in to the APEL online website and then follow the link through to the Wiley Online Library website where the published version of APEL is hosted. On the Wiley site APEL members, like any other APEL subscriber, can access and download APEL articles and other contents.

How to become an AusAID partner country subscriber

Please fill in the registration form below. Indicate your country and click on the Subscribe button. Your Internet IP address will then be checked to confirm you are applying from one of the membership country locations:

  1. Fill out and submit the online membership form and make sure to pick your country.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address supplied to inform you of your username and password.
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Use your username and password to log in. You may login by clicking on this link.  Alternatively you may use the login from to the right of this page.



Non-AusAID partnership country subscriptions

Individuals or institutions who are not an AusAID partnership country can subscribe to the published version of Asian-Pacific Economic Literature at the Wiley-Blackwell Online Library website by clicking here:



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Wiley Online

View the published version of APEL at the Wiley Online Library



I, for one, find the literature surveys, annotated list of books, abstracts of journal articles in the Journal very useful in keeping up with other economists' researches on the region. The information is well and kindly organized for the user
Yoo Jung-ho, Senior Fellow, Korea Development Institute